“Self-worth is the key to our capacity to fulfill our God-given destiny. Rob someone of his self-worth and you will have stolen his future. The absence of self-worth is a breeding ground for every imaginable evil.”

– Dr. James B. Richards


Self-worth determines our view of life, God, people and ourselves. The entire function of our being, our thoughts, and our choices are directed by our opinion of self. How we openly receive the profound message of God’s love, peace and abundance depends on how we value our worthiness. Being disconnected from our worthiness distorts our thinking and limits our vision. Our relationships rise and fall in the reflection of our self-concept. Self-worth is the foundation for every great endeavor and is the birthing ground of self-mastery and personal freedom. 

We are committed to the Mission, Message, and Ministry of HEALTHY Self-Worth and Self-Esteem.


Welcome to the Worthy TRIBE! We are a thriving, private ONLINE Community of BRAVE, evolving souls. We are devoted to GROWING in intimacy with God, nurturing of self, and living in alignment with genuine PURPOSE and love.

We gather each week for LIVE group coaching and faith-based connection. 

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When you genuinely believe you are WORTHY, life will NEVER be the same. 


Worthy is a potent and thought-provoking guide. It reveals vital spiritual and practical truths to end the cycle of self-sabotage.


Worthy will help you reconcile your relationship with yourself, God, and others.  Based on the amazingly successful Worthy Coaching Method (™), Worthy details 8 Keys of Healthy Self-Esteem that will empower you to cultivate authentic healing, activate your destiny and flow in inner-peace.

Shannon Evette is a Faith-Based Leader, Award-winning speaker, and Global  Visionary. Over the past 20 years, she has earned a distinguished reputation in the area of inner-healing, growth, and purpose activation.
Shannon’s pioneering teachings on faith-based self-worth and self-esteem have helped countless thousands of individuals break free from limiting thoughts and behaviors, to reclaim their true identity, purpose, and spiritual legacy in Christ. Shannon is the author of Worthy the Book and the Innovator of The Worthy Coaching Method. (™)  

Shannon Evette is a truly gifted speaker.  She delivers her messages on worthiness in a fresh and inspiring way, motivating and encouraging all who hear her to have a more committed walk with God.


“Liberating! WORTHY is loaded with Divine messages of truth that carry the power to wake you up and send you soaring boldly and fearlessly into the bigger and bolder life you desire. Don’t spend another second trapped in the illusion of fear that says you can’t handle ALL that God has called you to be.”

"Ushering in a new season of wholeness, WORTHY sounds the bell for those who are ready for more. Not just more stuff, but for MORE LIFE."


"Shannon has a passion for reminding people that they are WORTHY and empowering them to live free!  You see it in her family. You hear it in her words. She cares deeply about love, wholeness and truth. It's an honor to call her friend."

"Shannon's insight and work in the area of worthiness is breathtaking. Her words embody truth and peace.  She is unique in her gift to write in a way that makes complex truth simple. Brilliant and extraordinary in my eyes. A visionary leader, and change agent at work. Get this book!"

"Shannon Evette is a champion of Worthiness around the world, helping people embrace a vibrant, healthy and inspired life. Her work provides the safe and sacred space we need to heal our wounds and pull back the protective curtains preventing us from living a more vulnerable, loving and fully. I am truly grateful for and inspired by her Worthy coaching method and her mission."

Shannon Evette is a spiritual genius whose words have enriched many lives, including my own. I believe that Shannon is one of the best communicators on self-worth, love, and relationships in the world today! Her ability to connect with people through her writing in a way that both heals and inspires is God-given.


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